By increasing the number of geneticists utilizing telehealth, and educating families on the availability of telehealth as a service option, MGN will increase the number of individuals who have access to genetic services.

The Telegenetics Project will collaborate with the Heartland Region to provide trainings to increase the number of genetics providers using telemedicine in our region.  Trainings will include information on how to work with underserved populations through telemedicine. An on-line training will be developed for patients and families to increase their comfort level with, and utilization of, telehealth services.

What is the Telegenetics Project’s Charge?

  • Establish a telegenetics workgroup made up of stakeholders to advise and guide project worktelegentics
  • Create a baseline report on the status of telegenetics services in MGN region
  • Create state-specific plans to address barriers, identify solutions, and increase use of telegenetics
  • Collaborate with Heartland Genetics Network and Upper Midwest Telehealth Resource Center to provide trainings to providers
  • Create training module to educate clinicians on issues of cultural competency, health equity, and how to effectively reach medically underserved populations
  • Develop online training for patients and their families to increase awareness of and confidence in telegenetics
  • Facilitate ongoing telegenetics learning community for families and trained providers


MGN Telegenetics Request for Proposals July 2018


Modern Healthcare: Telemedicine could soften geneticist shortage