By increasing the number of geneticists utilizing telehealth, and educating families on the availability of telehealth as a service option, MGN will increase the number of individuals who have access to genetic services.                                                                                                                       telegentics

What is the Telegenetics Project’s Charge?

  • Establish a telegenetics workgroup made up of stakeholders to advise and guide project work
  • Create a baseline report on the status of telegenetics services in MGN region
  • Create strategic plan to address barriers, identify solutions, and increase use of telegenetics
  • Collaborate with Heartland Genetics Network and Upper Midwest Telehealth Resource Center to provide trainings to providers
  • Develop online training for patients and their families to increase awareness of and confidence in telegenetics
  • Facilitate ongoing telegenetics learning community for providers

Telehealth Resources

Telemedicine Videos

Telegenetics Trainings

Telegenetics Learning Community